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20 Years ago, I wanted to be a traditional paint artist. That was until I discovered the sculpture of Japanese masters Takayuki Takeya and Yasushi Nirasawa. At this point my life changed forever

I never learned to sculpt at School or anywhere, I taught myself at home. Sure, the first sculpts were a failure but the next ones were better

My sculpts are so good because I tested several models, several materials over a long period of time until I hit the peak of my skills.

So, the message is ‘don’t tell me you can’t’. Talent is built on a foundation from the beginning. It is important to be diligent and study hard and you can sculpt like me. I can do it, you can do it too.




I saw Yasushi Nirasawa Sculpture on magazine since my childhood that time I nosculpt  this time he know me and this is  Nirawork book with his signature.

and Honored from the man "Hajime Sorayama"

last diorama "Hunter Palace" I made for thailand model magazine "HobbyModel"


Tips :  May be no one know I ever sculpt prototype for Aoshima and Skynet, Japan

     Name: Narin
      Birth date: 
June 1980
Bangkok, Thailand
      Materials use:
Paperclay, Oilclay, Wax, Epoxy putty and Sculpey.   I love Paperclay.
      Favorites Sculptor:
Takayuki takeya, Yasushi nirasawa, Katsuya terada, Erick sosa, Martin canale
      Favoriites Movies :
Predator, Terminator 2, The Ghost and the Darkness, District9.